The Rollercoaster Emotions of Buying a Home

Alambra Real Estate

April, 12th 2023

The process of buying a home is one of the most emotional journeys you’ll evertake.

Other big purchases such as a new car or expensive wedding and honeymoon

can also wreak havoc on your emotions – but none is likely to surpass the rollercoaster of emotions

that will rise and fall when you purchase a home.

You may experience different emotions if you’re purchasing your first home, but even if

you’ve gone through the process before, each time is different and you’ll react in different ways.

The rollercoaster of emotions when buying a home may run the gamut of incomparable highs and lows that

make you question your decision. If you’ve carefully researched the real estate market such as the most

recent comparable sales in the area you want to buy and know the features you’ll compromise on – and

those you won’t – you’re probably ready to jump on the home-buying train.

A licensed real estate agent can help you work through emotions that may lead you astray and guide you to

the perfect home for you. Excitement is likely the first emotion you’ll feel when you’ve made the decision to purchase a home.

Searching for homes online is a good way to assess what’s out there and the prices you’ll face within certain areas.

After the excitement of anticipating home ownership, your excitement may turn to outright fear when you first realize how

much debt is involved in home ownership. You may feel overwhelmed at all the information you have to digest and all the

real estate buzz words you need to know – especially if you’re a first time home buyer.

You’ll likely see many properties before finding one you’ll even consider. When you enter the home search you’ll probably

have a good idea about what you want. But, visiting multiple properties can be confusing and you may lose sight of those

priorities you set for yourself. You may change your priorities as you proceed.

Your realtor will be able to guide you to homes that truly fit your needs, your pocketbook and your price-range.

Listen to the realtor and take what he or she says into consideration – especially if she knows your priorities ahead of time.

Stress is another emotion that’s typical of home-buyers. The anticipation of purchasing a home can be much greater

than the reality when they come face to face with everything involved. Don’t come to a decision based on stress, feeling

overwhelmed and just wanting to get it over with. You may overpay for a home just because your emotions get the

best of you and you feel as if you can’t go on unless you get a certain house.

There’s always another house that will make you happy and meet your needs.

Perhaps the worst part of buying a home are the emotions you’ll experience when you’ve put in your bid and are waiting

to see if you get the home.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you occasionally let home-buying emotions get the best of you.

It’s often the largest purchase you’ll ever make and your realtor should be trusted to lead you to the best deal

possible – and one that you’ll feel a great deal of satisfaction about.

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