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Sustainable Projects Development at Alambra Real Estate

The 21st century is a test in the recent history of our civilization. We were marked by many climatic and economic challenges and catastrophes, progressive depletion of natural resources, and many others that forced us to review our way of living and consuming.

Sustainable Development

The desire to control nature and the environment coupled with the exponentially growing population shows us nature's limits with worrying signals that can be felt in all aspects of our lives.
This situation, of which each of us perceives the adverse effects, must be taken seriously and requires rethinking how we impact nature and the environment from its core. Sustainable/responsible development, innovations in materials, and modern construction techniques provide significant and positive answers to many of these problems.

A foot path in the jungle
A picture lake in the jungle
A picture of a hand around a light bulb with plant growing inside of it.

Our Aproach

Whether it is the footprint left on the ground, the recycling of water and waste, the production and consumption of energy, or the design of harmonious living spaces. Each piece of this puzzle must be thought out and developed towards finding the balance between enjoyable lifestyle, ecology and sustainability that can work in neo-ecosystems.
Alambra is proud to take part in this direction to bring sustainable change to this great challenge.

A picture of Los tacos Mexicanos

Los tacos Mexicanos

A picture of Cenote lake in Quintana Roo

Cenote lake in Quintana Roo

A picture of Mexican Catrinas

Mexican Catrinas

A picture of a Volkswagen bus at Tulum coast


A picture of Uxmal


A picture of The Quetzal

The Quetzal

A picture of Agave Angustifolia

Agave Angustifolia

A picture of Mayas traditional wears

Mayas traditional wears

A picture of Flowers of Tulum archeological site

Flowers of Tulum archeological site

A picture of Coati and Iguana

Coati and Iguana

A picture of El Jaguar

El Jaguar