Getting a Comparative Market Analysis to Price Your Home

Alambra Real Estate

Jan 19, 2023

If you have a real estate agent to sell your home, he’ll do a comparative market

analysis for your home. While this might seem pretty involved and something that

only agents can do, that’s not true. You can do an analysis yourself. A comparative

market analysis is simply a collection of information about your house. It takes into

consideration all the selling points - such as the square footage of your house, the

number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and where the home is located. Then it looks at

other homes that are like yours. This analysis looks at which homes sold and how

long they were on the market. The purpose of having an analysis done is so that you

can get an idea of the marketability of your home.

You’ll see how well other homes like yours have fared. In this analysis, you’ll see what

the owner asked as the selling price of the home and what it actually sold for. This

lets you see what you can price your own home at and what you’ll most likely end

up getting. You can get your own analysis from an online site that offers the

information. While there are plenty of sites that will charge you for this information,

it is available without cost. If you want a more in depth one that will do some of the

work for you, then you can use a site that will compare your home to others that are

sold in the area where you’re located.

Be careful using an analysis on a site that lists homes for sale because these are not

always accurate. You can look at what the appraisal was on your home when you

originally bought it to get a starting ballpark gure.

You can also have your home appraised as it currently is. Getting an analysis on your

home can improve your ability to sell it because you’ll know what the market is like.

You’ll know how to price your home to get the most bids. You’ll be able to price

more competitively with an analysis than without one. You can search other places

related to homes to help you get a good analysis as well.

You want to do an analysis because it gives you more knowledge when it

comes to selling your home. A seller who knows the true value of his home can end

up making more money when he puts it on the market.

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