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Apramana Cavern

10,600 years old create an exotic oasis in the middle of the jungle Inside lies an incredible natural cenote with a 10 meter high cavern, where peace and tranquility surround you in a magical atmosphere.

It has modern terraces, a relaxation pool, a social area, bathrooms, dressing rooms and a hammock area, which will make you connect with this sanctuary in complete tranquility and harmony.

(Apramana means the 4 sublime attitudes Love, Compassion, Altruism and Equanimity)


- Private property (Public deed)

- 508 residential lots in an extension of 93 hectares (From 500 mt² to 2 000 mt²)

- Located in Ruta de los Cenotes, over the highway in the area of higher development

- 24/7 security

- 3 Cenotes with incredible Caverns over 10 600 years old

- Underground services

- 8 incredible amenities, including a Greenhouse

- 10 parks and reforestation areas

- Connectivity through trails

- Wide and quiet spaces

- Very close to the beach and incredible attractions

- Direct financing for 5 years without interest

- Managed by an INVEX Bank Trust


Holistic contemporary design with elements of wood, steel and natural rock slabs with characteristics typical of the region It has control pens and a high tech video surveillance system with license plate recognition 24/ 7 In this way we control the entry of all visitors.


Integrating your new home into the natural environment of the Residential will not only give you a more harmonious way of living, but your home will remain fresh, protected against weather events and full of life around you Here you can only have a 40 land occupation ( so we will leave 60 conservation, with this we make a green and ecological residential Here you have an example of the rudeness of a house on the percentage of occupation.


The offices of the residential are not only beautiful, but they are also functional since they will offer all the support that the complex needs so that you feel the tranquility of all areas will always be supervised and in order.It has the following services:

• General Residential Administration.

• Vacation Rental Administration.

• Maintenance Administration.

• Doctor's office.

• Control of security systems.

This Residential decides that all the amenities will be supplied with electricity through solar panel systems, which will cause considerable savings in the cost of energy and will be of great help to our planetLikewise, if you supply the energy to your home with this system, you will obtain a discount on the maintenance fee, in addition to being a member, you will have savings of up to 20 on the prices of any local distributor.


Simply spectacular! It has more than 31 462 m² of green areas, inside there is a wonderful cenote with crystal clear waters which we baptized under the name"Cenote Shama which means "singing bird" It will also have beautiful botanical gardens, large pieces of art made by Mexican artists, hanging bridges, a camping area, Kid's Park, Pet's Park and trails that culminate in artistic spaces.You will love visiting it with your family every day.


You'll feel like you're in a luxury hotel, here you'll find a sunken pool with islands, a children's wading pool, a large palapa with bathrooms, dressing rooms, and service areas.In the gardens we have a cycle track, 2 paddle tennis courts, tennis courts and soccer fields.As well as grills and hammock areas.


Because we know how important it is to take care of your body, mind and spirit, an area has been created, a place of complete tranquility where you will vibrate in a state of complete relaxation.

Designed for adults only It has a SPA, Steam Bath,Yoga area and a heated pool, relaxation areas and a lot of peace.


Legend has it that every night the guardians of the jungle come out, these small and mystical beings are called Aluxes It is said that if you don't leave them sweets everywhere and build a temple for them, they will spend their nights getting into mischief That is why we have decided to build them a 20 m high pyramid and an  esplanade where they can enjoy ceremonies and family events with you We are sure that you will love it!


Commercial Plaza with organic and environmentally friendly elements, in it you will find a mini supermarket, internet cafe, laundry, pizzeria, convenience stores among other things.Is designed for those owners who are already retired where they can run a small business to make the community happy. (Request more information from your advisor)

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